30 Ways to be more Enlightened With Positivity

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30 Ways To Be More Positive In 30 Days 100+ Modern Bohemian Lifestyle by Christine Kobzeff Being positive means seeing both sides, the pros and cons, the positive and negative, the good and bad…| But you choose to focus on the bright side of life. Being positive is not about pretending our life is perfect or […]


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LVMH IS BUYING CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE FOR $7.1 BILLION Dior had previously operated the house’s robust couture business itself. MAURA BRANNIGAN 9 HOURS AGO – 526 SHARES Looks from Christian Dior Couture’s Spring 2017 collection. Photo: @dior/Instagram Changes are coming to Dior‘s robust haute couture business, just five days after the French house re-showed Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri‘s […]

Why Interactive Content Is the Future of Content Marketing

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by: Abhyudaya Tripathi No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “Content is king”. However, I beg to differ. I believe that “Interactive content is king”.8 An interactive piece of content has essential elements that are vital for businesses. These critical components can: Attract an audience Increase engagement Boost site traffic Improve conversion rate Being a digital marketing […]

6 Bold Predictions for Online Marketing in 2017

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December 31, 2016 Chad Pollitt   For the last five years, I’ve shared my digital marketing predictions for the proceeding twelve months, and while some of my prognostications have been dead on, others – not so much. We won’t know till this time next year if these estimations are any good or not, but in the vein of tradition, […]

20 Steps to Develop a Powerful Grip

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How to Develop a Powerful Grip In my considered opinion, a powerful grip is the most important part of the athlete’s physical requirements, particularly so in the case of the weight-lifter, and as a weight-lifter myself it is to this sport that I confine my views. In confirmation of this statement I may recall that […]

6 Android Hacks You Never Knew Existed

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6 Android Hacks You Never Knew Existed Although many people are much more familiar with Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android operating system actually runs on significantly more phones. Unlike the iPhone, phones that run on Android have a lot more options and hacks that you can do with them. This is because they have a much more free […]